History of Swaadi

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History of Swaadi

Post by The GM on Sun Aug 07, 2016 6:38 pm


Three hundred and twenty years ago, the world of Swaadi was discovered in the black space of the Thule subsector, Askellon. Its people were foreign in mindset, remembering not the Imperial dogma but instead embracing an atheistic mindset entirely antithetical to the Imperial creed. Technologically proficient, their agriculturally sparse world was made self-sustaining by the use of genetically modified crops and beasts. Its people, though tribal and conservative in politics, had little reason to war in an apparent age of plenty and prosperity. They wanted for little, and the first wave of pilgrims from the Missionary Galaxia complained that they were stubborn, contemptuous of religion and impossible to influence. It is said that when he received the first reports from the Missionary Galaxia, Cardinal Julian Schraubstock of Juno responded as follows:

You write that these savages want for nothing. What you fail to realise is that pain is a prerequisite of faith. Suffering and loss is the lifeblood of the martyrs. Tear down their idols of science. Bombard them into submission, and, when they have submitted, bombard them further. Break not just their resolve, but their civilisation, their souls. We shall remake them in a manner pleasing to God. No mercy, and no respite.

And thus, the War of Faith began. It was waged over fifty-two years, hordes of religious fanatics sent by the Imperial War Machine to grind down the sophisticated militaries of the Swaad. The Swaad fought well, but the Imperium’s capacity for reinforcements is endless. They were defeated, their technologies exorcised, their academics and scientists lynched. The fifty-two-year war broke the armies of the Swaad, but the real violence was done in the fifty years that followed. Systematically, and deliberately, the Ecclesiarchy devolved Swaadi into a technologically backward, feudal world, barely able to support itself from a limited, unsophisticated agriculture based on goats. Disease, starvation and poverty were carefully cultivated, and salvation offered: The Church.

When the Missionary Galaxia returned, they found a people suffering and in desperate need of humanitarian aid. Few still remembered the time when the Imperium’s armies had crushed the Swaad, being raised into poverty and knowing little else. The Missionary Galaxia, in its wisdom, began charitable efforts as part of a conversion drive for the troubled world. Offering hope to an oppressed populace, they were hugely successful, and the people of Swaadi became some of the most fanatical members of the Imperial Cult. Churches were erected, Saint Days were celebrated, and, in the years that followed, the Praefectrix of Juno named Cardinal Julian Schraubstock the Imperial Governor of Swaadi. Thus, Swaadi became an Imperial Shrine World, tithed for its religious soldiery.

There are many stories of the ignorance and cruelty of the Imperium. Swaadi represents a particularly egregious case, not only for its fantastical waste of Imperial resources to enact cruelty, but also for the religious fanatics produced by the years of intolerance and hatred. Swaadi represents all that is wrong with the Imperium, and the forces of Chaos have come to give the Swaadi their revenge. Even if it means their annihilation.

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