Turn 2 and Some Mechanical Points

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Turn 2 and Some Mechanical Points

Post by The GM on Thu Aug 18, 2016 12:29 am

Hello everyone!

We have finished the first week of the Doomed Makuu. I hope you are all enjoying it. I'm posting now just to rehash some mechanics regarding starting the second week.

As we are in the second week, heretics can begin work on and complete their second Secondary Objective. However, do not be concerned if you have not yet completed your first Secondary Objective - there is no deadline (other than the game finishing) by which an individual Secondary Objective must be completed by. However, you may want to catch up to avoid others triggering the game end before you!

Moreover, the second week marks the start of a new 'session'. All Infamy Spends refresh. 

I'll use this opportunity to remark on a few mechanical points that may have been missed. 

  1. Tertiary Objectives: In the first week, no one completed their Tertiary Objective to throw spanners in the schemes of other heretics. This may have been a choice by individual players, but I just want to remind you that it is there and can win you 1d5 Infamy. Remember that you don't have to ruin someone else's Secondary Objective (that might take up quite a lot of time!) but simply throw a spanner in the works, i.e. create a real problem that they have to solve. Particularly crafty heretics can tamper with someone's Secondary Objective in one respect whilst also helping that same heretic complete the same Secondary Objective in another respect. This will earn participating heretics 1d5+2 Infamy, for completing the Tertiary Objective and assisting in a Secondary Objective! (However, creating a problem and then immediately solving it doesn't count as either!)
  2. Serpent's Tongue: Those who have Serpent's Tongue (those who have Apostate characters) have not been using it. Once per session (i.e. per week) a heretic can take a Challenging (+0) Charm or Deceive Test to gain the Peer (1) Talent with a given group, or the Peer (2) Talent if the heretic has 55 Fellowship or higher. Each level of Peer gives +10 to Interaction with that group, and the bonus lasts until the end of the session (i.e. week). This can be very powerful, so remember to use it!
  3. Infamy and XP: Those who desperately want Infamy can buy it with XP. 500XP nets a heretic +5 Infamy, but regardless of how many times it is bought, the cost is 500XP. However, you can only buy Infamy in this way if the spend won't take the Heretic above 40 Infamy (from there, you have to acquire favour the hard way). 

Happy chaotic mayheming!

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