Glorifying Acts and Failings

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Glorifying Acts and Failings

Post by The GM on Mon Aug 29, 2016 10:34 pm

Some of you have completed their Secondary Objective for the week and may be considering what they might be doing. One potential answer is to try and gain Infamy and/or Corruption! And one way of getting such things is through Glorifying Acts.

I include the Glorifying Acts for those Dedicated to Slaanesh and those Dedictated to Tzeentch. There is not yet need to detail the Glorifying Acts for the other gods. Please note that these are just examples from the Tome of Excess, and that we can create new Glorifying Acts.

Glorifying Acts of Slaanesh

Burning the Saint (2 Corruption Points, 2-3 Infamy): The heretic must publicly execute an avatar of a rival god, and make sure all those present know that it was through the machinations of an agent of Slaanesh.

Seducing the Weak (3 Corruption Points, 2 Infamy): The heretic must seduce and form a relationship with the victim. Once the victim has revealed their darkest secret, then the secret must be revealed to all those affected by its revelation. The victim should then be slain publicly in a humiliating manner.

Desire to Kill (2 Corruption Points, 1+ Infamy, requires Cold Hearted Talent): The heretic must foster and encourage a coterie of exotic killers. The victim's first kill should be guided and encouraged by the Heretic, and before Infamy is rewarded they must have killed two mortals. Each death should reflect the excesses of Slaanesh rather than just standard murder. The Heretic gets 1 Infamy per devoted assassin formed.

Your Greatest Desire (2 Corruption Points, 1 or 3 Infamy, requires Fellowship 40): The heretic must fulfil the target's greatest desire. When they are their most euphoric, they should be murdered and their soul harvested for Slaanesh. If the heretic kills the victim too early or too late, they gain 1 Infamy. They get 3 Infamy if the victim is killed at the pinnacle of his ecstasy.

Kiss of the Dark Prince (2 Corruption Points, 4 Infamy, requires Charm Skill): The heretic must convert six mortals loyal to the False-Emperor to the worship of Slaanesh. These six must then be brought together and forced to fight to the death. The survivor should be branded with the Mark of Slaanesh.

Glorifying Acts of Tzeentch

Reality Bleeds (3 Corruption Points, 1 Infamy): The heretic must deliberately try and succeed in accessing the Perils of the Warp Table twice in a row.

Sowing Discord (1 Corruption Point, 2 Infamy): The heretic must fool a high-ranking member of a rival organisation into lying to his closest advisers against his will, either through black mail, deception or outright falsehood.

Frame the Fool (2 Corruption Points, 2-3 Infamy): The heretic must dispose of a close associate of the intended target, and leave the body so that it is found. The heretic must then lead the victim's peers into believing that the victim is the murderer. This earns 2 Infamy, but if the victim is unjustly executed as a result, the heretic instead gains 3 Infamy.

Disrupt the Ritual (2 Corruption Points, 3 Infamy): The heretic must intentionally disrupt the ritual of a rival god. This should be done at the most opportune time to cause the greatest havoc.

Served His Use (3 Corruption Points, 2 Infamy, requires Logic Skill): The heretic must slay a being in thrall to the character. The victim must perform its required task and then be led to believe that the hold the heretic has over the victim has been relinquished. At this point, their soul should be devoted to Tzeentch.


Also, Failings!

Now that a few of you have become Dedicated to gods, it's worth mentioning the failing mechanic. A Failing earns the heretic corruption, and if a threshold for mutation is passed, the heretic cannot modify the roll in any way. For all heretics, regardless of Dedication:

Being defeated in combat by a great hero of the Imperium is a Failing that earns 1d5 Corruption Points.

Meanwhile, being Dedicated involves having to appease your god. If you are Aligned to Slaanesh, then denying a desired excess or ignoring a unique chance to corrupt or desecrate a foe is a Failing that earns 1 Corruption Point. If you are Aligned to Tzeentch, then being defeated by an enemy psyker or being incapacitated by psychic phenomena or Perils of the Warp is a Failing that earns 1 Corruption Point.

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