Horde Combat

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Horde Combat

Post by The GM on Tue Sep 13, 2016 3:45 pm

Some of you have had cause to fight against a Horde of opponents. I have previously been using the Black Crusade Core Rulebook rules for Horde combat, but upon reappraising myself of the Tome of Blood’s Advanced Horde rules, I’ve decided to incorporate them. For sake of clarity, please find below the basics for Horde Combat that I will be using.
Hordes have profiles like other characters, but in the place of Wounds they have a Magnitude. The Magnitude represents a combination of how numerous and disciplined the rank and file are. For example, twenty Makuu Guardsmen, being disciplined, have a Magnitude of 35.
Attacking a Horde
In close combat, Human Heretics gain up to a maximum of a +10 modifier to their Weapon Skill for the size of the Horde. This is because the Heretic cannot throw themselves into the crowds as a Chaos Space Marine might.
In ranged combat, Heretics gain positive modifiers to their Ballistic Skill for the size of the Horde. Continuing the example above, a Horde of Magnitude 35 constitutes a +30 bonus to attack them with ranged attacks.
Hordes cannot Evade attacks. If struck by an attack, the Heretic must roll for Damage as normal. If the Damage of their attack is in excess of the Horde’s soak (Toughness Bonus + Armour Points), then the attack inflicts 1 Magnitude Damage.
Weapon Traits
Some weapons are better at dealing with Hordes. This is represented by their Weapon Traits, which have the following effects:
Blast: Weapons with the blast quality (X) inflict X number of hits on a successful attack.
Explosive: Weapons that inflict explosive damage inflict 2 hits for every hit.
Flame: Weapons with the flame quality inflict a number of hits equal to a third of the weapon’s range, +1d5.
Other weapon traits, such as Crippling (X) or Power Field, have no effect on Hordes.
Breaking Hordes
A Horde that in one Round suffers 25% of its previous Magnitude must take a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test or break, running from combat. This is a Difficult (-10) Test if the Horde is below 50% of its original Magnitude. A Horde automatically breaks if it is below 25% of its original Magnitude.
Hordes make Fear Tests as usual, but with a bonus equal to half of the Horde’s Magnitude.
Hordes Attacking Heretics
In close combat, a Horde can attack every eligible target as a Free Action. This attack is made as a Standard Attack, Swift Attack, Lightning Attack, Stun or Grapple, at the usual modifiers.
Meanwhile, a Horde can make a ranged attack a number of times equal to its Magnitude Bonus. Hordes do not aim, but they never jam or run out of ammunition. This attack is made as a Standard Attack, Semi-Automatic Burst, Full Automatic Burst, or Suppressing Fire.
A Heretic can Evade incoming attacks, but at a penalty equal to the size modifier of the Horde. For example, those Evading a Horde of Magnitude 35 are at -30 to all Evasion Tests. This represents the Heretic being overwhelmed by the Horde.
With the exception of Stun or Suppressive Fire, a Horde rolls an extra d10 for Damage per point of its Magnitude Bonus, to a maximum of +2d10. If the Horde rolled one extra d10, then the lowest Damage dice is discarded. If the Horde rolled two extra d10s, then the two lowest Damage dice are discarded.
Grapple: The Horde makes a Grapple Attack as normal. There are no bonuses to attack a Horde that is grappling, whilst other attacks cannot be directed against a Heretic that is grappled. The Horde benefits from its Size modifier on Opposed Tests performed within the Grapple.
Stun: The Horde makes the Stun Attack as normal. If the Horde hits, it adds the first digit of its Magnitude Bonus as well as its Strength Bonus to the 1d10 roll compared against the target’s Toughness.
Suppressing Fire: The Horde makes a Suppressing Fire Action as normal. However, the Pinning Test is made at an additional -10 penalty for every full 10 points of the Horde’s Magnitude. Accidental hits scored with a Suppressing Fire do not roll additional Damage dice.
Horde Traits
Some Hordes have various Traits. Included below are Traits you can expect to find with the Makuu soldiery:
Disciplined: The Horde does not suffer a -10 penalty to Morale Checks when under 50% of starting Magnitude, and does not automatically break when under 25% of starting Magnitude.
Fire Drill: The Horde benefits from one additional ranged attack each Round.

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