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Post by The GM on Tue Sep 20, 2016 11:36 am

Hey all,

As part of the general chaos of my last week, I've been lax in giving people XP. You'll be glad to know that this has affected everyone equally, so no one has been unfairly benefiting.

However, this means everyone has just gained 1100 XP. Get spending!

Also, keep an eye on your alignments. Gracious in particular should have a glance. To remind you all, your Heretics' alignment is checked every time they pass a multiple of 10 Corruption Points. If they have had 3+ more alignment upgrades for one god than any other god, they are aligned to the former. 

For example, suppose that someone had 2 Khorne upgrades, 1 Nurgle upgrade, 6 Slaanesh upgrades and 3 Tzeentch upgrades. When they pass 20 Corruption, they become aligned to Slaanesh, because 6 is 3 or more greater than the nearest competitor, 3.

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