Legacy Weapons

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Legacy Weapons

Post by The GM on Wed Sep 21, 2016 12:24 am

Some of your characters are known for their weapons. It becomes part of their legacy, their fame, and as the warp infuses them it also changes their weapons, and binds them to their soul. Such weapons grow more powerful, or simply more natural in the hands of their owners, and take on a life and infamy of their own.

Heretics can attempt to Elevate their weapons to become Legacy Weapons. I'll detail how this is done in below, but first, here are the basic rules for Legacy Weapons:

  • A Legacy Weapon adds one half its owner's Infamy Bonus (rounded up) to both Damage and Penetration.
  • A Legacy Weapon loses the Primitive Quality, if it had it.
  • A Legacy Weapon that does not possess the Power Field Quality only has a 10% chance of being destroyed by weapons with that Quality.
  • A Legacy Weapon is treated as one step higher in Craftsmanship.
  • If a Heretic uses another weapon of the same type (Melee/Ballistic), then they must take an Infamy Test as if Elevating a Legacy Weapon. If failed, his Legacy Weapon ceases to be a Legacy Weapon (though once the Heretic increases in Infamy, they can try to Elevate it again). The idea is that a Legacy Weapon should be the Heretic's signature, unique weapon that they always use, rather than just something that is sometimes convenient to use. There will be bonuses on this Test depending on the circumstances - for example, if the Heretic did not have access to their Legacy Weapon, or their Legacy Weapon was incapable of harming the enemy.

To Elevate a weapon, the Heretic must take an Infamy Test as if trying to Acquire the item, but with no modifiers for the quantity of the item. This is at a further -10 if the weapon is Heavy or possesses any of the following Qualities: Blast, Concussive, Felling, Force, Maximal, Melta, Power Field, Spray, Storm or Warp Weapon. If the weapon has already used to achieve great feats, then the GM may provide positive modifiers to this Test. If successful, the Heretic's weapon becomes a Legacy Weapon. If failed, then the Test cannot be reattempted until the Heretic gains Infamy.

N.B.: In the case of dual weapon wielders, pairs of weapons can be Elevated, but at a -10 penalty.

Once Elevated, the basic rules for Legacy Weapons apply to that weapon. In addition, the player and the GM work out the History of the Legacy Weapon, such as Legacy of Rage, or Legacy of Betrayal. This has mechanical effects (see page 52 of the Tome of Blood).

Moreover, the player picks the Pattern of the Legacy Weapon. These are as follows:

  • Bellicose (loud and aggressive)
  • Vigilant (cautious and methodical)
  • Artful (deceitful and stealthy)
  • Merciless (humiliating and cruel)
  • Versatile (adaptable)

A Legacy Weapon gains a new ability, rolled on the appropriate table as per its Pattern (see page 54 of the Tome of Blood), every time the Heretic reaches 20, 40, 60 and 80 Corruption Points. If the Heretic Elevates a weapon having passed one of these thresholds, the weapon starts with one ability and gains an additional ability whenever the Heretic's Corruption Points reaches a multiple of 10, until the weapon has reached the same level as its user. 

Let me know on a Profile Thread if you want to Elevate a weapon!

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