Villa von Klossner

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Villa von Klossner

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To the west of the Makuu there are no villages, having long since been demolished to make room for the Villa von Klossner and its grounds. An aging mansion built in the style of Juno architecture, it is currently occupied by Lady Sarah Klossner and her staff.

The Klossner family has close ties with the Missionary Galaxia and their funding was instrumental in the acquiring of the rockrete that forms the skeleton of the Makuu to this day. Around the same time, the Klossner family erected a holiday home on Swaadi so that they could visit the Makuu whenever they desired. In present times, the holiday home serves as a kind of hermitage where disgraced or otherwise scandalised members of the Klossner family can be sent to. Lady Sarah Klossner is no exception to this rule. She lives in the mansion with her illegitimate lover, Leonard Schneider, along with her bastard children Markus, Patrick and Gerhild. Their tempestuous home life is the stuff of infamy in the Klossner family, and rumours of drugs, incestuous orgies and lording over the natives persist.

Villa von Klossner is surrounded by open land, in theory the garden grounds of the villa, but, in reality, the arid landscape of the Swaadi wilds. The mansion is guarded by a small force of mercenary private security, and Lady Klossner maintains close, if hypocritical, ties to the Makuu: especially its Deacon, Alfred Brauer.

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