The Tithe Villages

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The Tithe Villages

Post by The GM on Sun Aug 07, 2016 6:31 pm


Three villages surround the Makuu (Sadaka, Imani and Kifodini), upon which the cathedral depends for its food in return for water and spiritual guidance. The villages are impoverished and disease-ridden. Water from the cathedral is limited, and much of what is drunk is unclean. Crops routinely fail in harsh droughts, and though the goats are hardy, they are thin and sickly creatures. Starvation is a constant threat, and without skilled medical professionals the locals are weak and needy.

Despite this, the locals are at least outwardly some of the most pious members of the Imperial Creed in Askellon. Every reprieve from the hardships of Swaadi is declared a miracle akin to Saint Macharius’s crusade. Local chapels presided over by native preachers lead prayer songs every night, promising the populace a land of milk and honey in the next life.

On the other hand, the war has taken a toll, even if much of it has been raged elsewhere. Various warbands have come to destroy the Makuu before, and though its company has been more than enough to see them off, the villages have suffered deeply under these temporary occupations. Their resources are terribly low, each day carries the risk of violent death, and the people silently scream out for salvation that the Church only partially satisfies.

Particularly vulnerable is the village of Sadaka, which suffered greatly under the attentions of Kind Peter. Rather than attack the Makuu outright, the warband of Kind Peter instead made themselves at home in Sadaka, ritualistically murdering members of the village, killing and feasting on their few goats and stealing what precious materials they had. Though the warband has long since been scattered to the winds, Sadaka is brutally impoverished and desperate.

Kifodini, in relative terms only, is lucky. Situated to the north of the Makuu, Kifodini has thus far avoided occupation from traitor warbands and its goat herds are just about sustainable. The main danger for Kifodini comes from refugees from other villages or the wilds. Though able to sustain itself, Kifodini is on the brink of absolute capacity and cannot feed many more individuals. The village becomes increasingly intolerant of refugees, beginning even to lynch refugees as heretics rather than accept them as another mouth to feed.

The final village is Imani, the smallest of the three villages surrounding the Makuu. Its herd is small and its people are impoverished, but the village just about gets by on the back of its Mkuu (village elder), Kibwe and his meagre medical knowledge. Kibwe uses his trade in return for food that allows his people to eat, but he is aging and rumours have it that he is unwell himself.

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