The Makuu la Dhahabu Kiti

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The Makuu la Dhahabu Kiti

Post by The GM on Sun Aug 07, 2016 6:35 pm


‘Makuu la Dhahabu Kiti’ translates from native Swaad as ‘Cathedral of Golden Throne’, and is the name of the first cathedral to be built upon the dirt of Swaadi. Half-cathedral, half-fortress, the Makuu was built to empower the new faith of the Swaad, as well as defend the faithful from the last pockets of resistance that took refuge in the arid plains. The Makuu la Dhahabu Kiti represents the final victory of the Ecclesiarchy over the Swaad, and its completion date is taken as the official date of Swaadi’s Compliance. As such, the Makuu is of extraordinary historical significance. And it is currently vulnerable.

The Makuu was not built in the larger cities that would become the centres of governance for the Imperial regime: after all, the cathedral was built in an effort to civilise the wilds of Swaadi. Though intimidating in its own right, the Makuu stands alone. Moreover, the vast majority of the defensive company guarding the cathedral walls have sallied forth to battle the warband of Margot the Bloodied. The Makuu is temporarily weak, and its fall would cause a mighty blow to the morale of Imperial forces.

And yet, the warband of Margot the Bloodied have quickly been scattered by the fanatical soldiers of the Makuu. Every day brings them closer to home, a powerful and numerous fighting force more than capable of defending the cathedral. Scattered Imperial platoons in the area threaten to bog down incoming warbands. The cathedral's walls are constructed from local sandstone, reinforced by a rockrete skeleton. Cruel and taunting gargoyles leer down at those who might begin their assault, whilst heavy gun emplacements are manned by trained, murderous fanatics. Its priests extol the glory of their God-Emperor as its great organ booms powerfully across the neighbouring villages the power of the Church. The cathedral incorporates the local well that delivers water to villages miles around. Masses of faithful locals fill its plain, hardy nave, ready to defend the Makuu from within.

Its collapse will not be easy to accomplish.

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