The War for Swaadi

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The War for Swaadi

Post by The GM on Sun Aug 07, 2016 6:36 pm


The forces of disorder have fallen upon Swaadi, launching massed attacks on key settlements to establish strategic bases from which to conduct the rest of the war. Response from Askellon has been slow – the Praefectrix of Juno is still deliberating on what would be most prudent – but the main tithe of Swaadi is military men and women, and a bitter war has erupted between Imperial and traitor forces.

The population of Swaadi is relatively scattered across the sparse world, and there is little infrastructure to defend in the way of roads or electricity networks. Aside from the battles for the few larger cities of the world, much of the war is being fought in bloody skirmishes between traitor warbands and hastily formed Swaadi platoons. Operating independently of central command, both sides rely heavily on locals for support in the way of shelter and food, and dark tales circulate of the atrocities committed by both sides on the civilian populace. Tribal loyalties divide the Imperial forces, whilst old grudges and matters of faith set traitors against one another. The war is messy, fluid, and complicated. As of yet, neither side has gained the upper hand.

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