1: The Doomed Makuu

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1: The Doomed Makuu

Post by The GM on Sun Aug 07, 2016 7:17 pm

The Makuu la Dhahabu Kiti represents the final Compliance of the Swaad people to the hated Imperium. For centuries it has stood, a monument to ignorance, slavery and a corpse on an ancient chair. Now that the forces of Chaos have come to Swaadi, it is time for those ideals to be destroyed.

The Makuu is weak. The bulk of its garrison, though making its way back, is absent. The cathedral, unprotected by any major settlements, is isolated. Though its wall are tall and its defences considerable, there is no better time to strike a terrible blow at the morale of Imperial forces.

And yet, a full warband would surely draw the attention of scattered Swaad platoons defending the arid plains of their world. The task must be done by infiltrators and instigators: Heretics like you. Three warlords, each independent and eager to impress the Gods of Ruination, have sent their best to do the work of Chaos.

Do not fail them.

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